Sunday, January 21, 2007

Scrivener makes 1.0

Well, Scrivener finally got to a 1.0 release yesterday, and I would like to sincerely thank* all of those users who have beta-tested both Scrivener Gold and then the Scrivener 1 betas over the past couple of years. You have all helped make Scrivener a much better application, truly. When I released beta 1 several months ago, I thought it was pretty much ready for release. I was mistaken, to put it mildly. The feedback was positive, but there were a lot of rough edges that made navigation a little unintuitive (remember how you could keep ending up with a blank corkboard because the modes weren't automatic?). My own ideas and vision got Scrivener part of the way; feedback from real world users got it the rest of the way. It is much better for it. So: thank you.

A big thank you too to all of those who have already bought Scrivener - I am genuinely surprised at the number of copies purchased in less than 24 hours - and to those who have taken the time to write such rave reviews on VersionTracker and MacUpdate.

For those who haven't checked out Scrivener 1.0, it is available on the product web page at:

There are a few minor tweaks and features I hope to add over the coming months, and of course, there will no doubt be another small development push when Leopard is released to ensure everything is compatible and to take advantage of new OS X features, but really, it is now time, at last, to turn back to the writing (i.e. actually using Scrivener myself). Now that is daunting. Developing Scrivener has really been the most amazing form of procrastination. So, hopefully in future this blog will cover both the ongoing development of Scrivener and my struggling attempts at writing The Novel...

Thanks again!

*Pedants: yes, certain grammar freaks would say this is a "split infinitive", a misunderstanding that comes from Latin infinitives. This is the perfect example of why split infinitives are actually meaningless in English: "sincerely like to thank" would suggest it's my liking that is sincere; "to thank sincerely" is probably more correct but sounds hideous. Mind the Gaffe is a great book that really lays waste to nonsense such as split infinitives. Hmm, "pedant's corner" seems to be turning into a regular part of this blog...


Blogger ant said...

What's wrong with "I would like sincerely to thank" ?

3:49 am  
Blogger lboofer said...

or "and I would like to thank sincerely all of those users…"?

4:56 am  
Blogger kayembi said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

11:26 pm  
Blogger kayembi said...

Don't you think both of these are clumsier than using what is traditionally considered a split infinitive? I do. The point is that there is no such thing as a split infinitive in English - it's just an invention of grammarians who have tried to apply Latin rules to English. "to sincerely thank" makes much more sense and flows better - it only offends those with a misplaced and anachronistic sense of grammar. "Sincerely to" seems to apply the "sincerely" to the "to", and "thank sincerely all" just sounds horrible.

Ultimately, English has to adapt. It is like the whole not ending a sentence with a connective thing. Spoken language changes first but ultimately written language has to catch up, taking what makes sense and disregarding that which does not. We should not be writing like Victorians. Thus, "Who were you with?" is nowadays better than "With whom were you?" The latter is grammatically more correct, but it is also nonsense. Language has to evolve.

I think, anyway. :)

11:27 pm  
Blogger Yannick said...

(Sorry for my english...)
Best creation since the iMac!
The ideal would be to have a free reader version.
Mac and Windows.

On the other hand, only the Mac version would be a writer. And a bigess price for business version... Like 599$, 39$ for home user.

And if I can put my file on my .Mac, and, if you create a Web 2.0 access, any body will can be read my published documents with a web browser!

This version is free for the .Mac member and with that, Apple put the trial version of Scrivener in all new iMac Core 3 Quatro (like).

2:52 am  

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