Sunday, July 23, 2006

One more interface task to go...

The new Scrivener interface is coming along nicely. All that remains now is building the full-screen window and control panel. After that, I am ready to start bringing in all of the “brain code” from Scrivener Gold and the never-released Scrivener 0.3b. That will take a couple of months, but once it’s done and the bugs have been ironed out through beta-testing, 1.0 is ready for release.

What has been nice about building the interface first this time is that I now have clear goals to 1.0. Everything that needs doing can clearly be seen in the interface: once all of the menus are operational, the buttons actually do something and the Binder, tables and corkboard display data, then it is done. I’m refusing point-blank even to consider suggestions for new features or improvements until I am at that stage – I have goalposts and I’m not going to move them. It feels good.

Once the full-screen window is done, I may even post an interface tech-demo so that beta-testers can check out the keyboard short-cuts, check to make sure there aren’t any silly spelling mistakes lurking anywhere, ensure that state-saving is working okay so far and test for potential crashes at this early stage. We’ll see...


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