Saturday, July 08, 2006

Development Continues

Development is going well on Scrivener beta RC1 (ie. what will become release candidate 1). At the moment, I have the main interface laid out; next comes all the finicky getting-the-data into the interface, but of course, most of the code is already written and lying around in Scrivener Gold and (the unreleased) Scrivener 0.30b, so a lot of it will be cut and paste, optimisation and refinement. A quick and very blank shot of how things are looking so far:


Anonymous musti said...

Very nice! Almost mouth-watering (I have a thing for boards and notes and push-pins and such)
Keep up the good work and thanks for all your efforts.

11:55 pm  
Anonymous Kukkurovaca said...

That's quite beautiful. I'm a sucker for a good visual metaphor, and that, verily, is a good visual metaphor.

4:22 pm  
Anonymous AmberV said...

Aye aye! This, and the posted screenshot from later, are looking quite good. Is this multiple corkboards I see—in a split? Does that mean we'll be able to load two sections of the draft side by side?

If so—Swank!

6:33 am  
Blogger kayembi said...

Exactly. Whilst multi-window support is gone, in the next version the split-view will be more flexible: you can view two corkboards next to each other, two outlines, two documents, or, indeed, to chunks of text that comprise multiple documents (which replaces "Draft view").

4:48 pm  
Anonymous AmberV said...

That sounds excellent, K. One of the things that I silently lamented was the drop of Draft mode. While I never got a chance to use it much (my Nano never developed to the point where it would be useful, it remained a bunch of un-cut threads), I have in the past really wished for the ability to edit multiple documents in one window like that. It would be nice if something along those lines was eventually available, even if not precisely in the same format.

9:27 pm  
Anonymous musti said...

K, you are well aware that you have some good beta testers with itching fingers here, right?

10:36 pm  
Blogger kayembi said...

As soon as it is usable I will release it for beta-testing, but that won't be for a couple of months yet, I'm afraid. Screenshots like this can be misleading; at the moment, Scrivener b RC1 is just an interface. I have yet to copy across all of the background stuff, so there is a lot of hard work ahead yet. :)

10:43 pm  
Anonymous musti said...

I know I'll be waiting, and I have a feeling the rest will be, too :-)

4:28 am  

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